What does that mean?

What does that mean to you?

What gets you going?

What makes you get up and do whatever it is that you need to do?


What motivates you in life?

What motivates you to get up in the morning and tackle the day?

M o t i v a t i o n. . .

That word. We all know it very well and for some of us, we simply don’t like it. However, we do love its cousin, procrastination. I can tell you all about procrastination! Me and it are like bff’s for life!

Recently, I have began another journey, another page for me to write. Since this change, I have noticed, that me and procrastination aren’t as besties as we once were. I have moved from North Dakota and for once I packed up my home like a normal being. I started a week prior, instead of a few hours prior. I now have a whole home to unpack, and it really doesn’t seem to be a hassle to unpack it, other than being in a much smaller place, and trying to find homes for all of my things.

I’m not sure what has brought the change, i’m really not even sure what is causing all the motivation. I know that I try to get up when the sun comes up and take less naps. I try to accomplish something during the day. I do notice that if I start with one box, I may just continue to another one, and another one. I take breaks here and there, especially if I think an anxiety attack may be coming on. I know that I do like it, I just hope that it continues.

Which is why I ask, what causes your motivation in life? What keeps you keeping on? Is it something you look forward to? Is it how you are wired? Did you have to work at it?

I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Have a great!

Living in North Dakota

North Dakota Prairie
North Dakota Prairie

Opinions of North Dakota differ. I moved there September 2014, just before the Arctic cold made its way in. North Dakota was a beautiful state, especially the Western Side. I lived in Watford City, a small quaint little town, a little behind in the times, but steadily progressing due to being an oil field town now. I met quite a few unique people there, who I will always remember.

Lake Sakakawea, New Town, ND
Lake Sakakawea, New Town, ND

The winter was cold there, -40 below with the wind chill. This southern girl wasn’t built for that! I was still wearing a jacket in June! No thanks! Needless to say I moved back to Missouri at the end of June 2015.

Wild Flower of ND
Wild Flower of ND
Dandelion of ND
Dandelion of ND

However the western side of the state to me is quite beautiful. If you are ever over that way, go check out the North and South Units of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. One is located below Watford City off of Hwy 85 and the other is near the town of beautiful Medora. Medora is definitely a tourist town, however a very unique one. If you are in need of some grub, I highly suggest you go on over to “The Little Missouri Grill” and try out the Buffalo steak. Best steak I have ever had!

WIld Flower of ND
WIld Flower of ND

For those that are traveling for work up to the Bakken Area and would like to move as a family. I will say this. Prepare yourselves for the high cost of living. Most 3 bedrooms 3 bath homes with a garage rent around $4000.00 and its nothing fancy! A gallon of milk is around $5 at the local CashWise. Speaking of grocery stores, if CashWise is a little to busy for you and you are tired of the men gauking at you, make your way over to the Jack and Jills over by the main street close to the post office. It’s small and doesn’t and have nearly the variety as CashWise, but I think they may be a little better priced too.

The other reason to me that they are behind in the times is their mail. They take forever to get packages in and out to the residents. They definitely were not ready for the “boom” of new residents and housing. What would normally take 3 days to send in the mail anywhere else took around a week there.

It was a nice town to raise a family. Plenty of things to do there for the kids. They have a hockey team, gymnastics, ballet, soccer, t-ball, baseball, football, wrestling, and ice-skating. Tons of parks for the kids and a really nice daycare facility. They have an upcoming Civic Center that is being built.

I really will miss the rolling hills of North Dakota. You never knew what was behind it or beside it. I hope to one day visit it again, especially Watford City. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment!

Theodore National Roosevelt South Unit
Theodore National Roosevelt South Unit


My Wild and Wonderful Life

As I journey through my life, I realize, it’s nothing more than a roller coaster and I’m just along for the ride. My life has been a wild one, but certainly thus far, a wonderful one.  I like to do many things and to pin-point which is my favorite would put me in a conundrum. I like to dabble in many things from crocheting, cross stitching, sewing, woodworking, and anything I decide I may try my hand at.  I enjoy camping, horseback riding, and a good cup of coffee, or should I say sugar and cream with a little coffee!

I have journeyed through this life born and raised a southern Mississippi girl. I left home and joined the Marine Corps, where I was stationed in North Carolina and deployed once, I served 8 years. I miss my beloved Corps, but its helped shape me into who I am today. This was the true beginning of my roller coaster.

From the Corps, I have called many places home. From Alabama, to Missouri, to North Dakota, and back to Missouri.

Please feel free to follow my blog as I continue to make my way through this wild life.